"The Iceman Cometh"

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Dry Ice


Dry ice is the solid form of the gas carbon dioxide.  A full block, measuring about 10 inches square, weighs 50 lbs.  The temperature of dry ice is 110 below zero.  When handling dry ice, wear work gloves as the extremely low temperature will cause frostbite.  Dry ice has many uses, chief among them as a refrigerant to prevent food from perishing and to ship blood products.

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We sell dry ice in block and pellet form.  Blocks can be sliced to your specifications.  Our common cuts are Half, Thirds, Quarters, and 1 inch.  Pellets are peanut size and are sold by the pound.


Uses of Dry Ice



To remove floor tiles   To remove skin imperfections
For low-temperature testing   As a mosquito attractant for traps
In the baking industry   To lengthens the life of wet ice
To make fog in the entertainment industry   To shrink metal
In the poultry industry   To retard chemical catalysts
To keep party kegs cold   To pack ice cream on trips
To improve porosity in oil wells   To purge fuel tanks
By airline caterers to keep food chilled   To brand animals
By blood banks for shipping   To store food during power outages

To blast clean rubber and plastic injection molds and food processing equipment

  To pack trophy game or fish on the way home
By the concrete industry to prevent heat buildup   To freeze water lines without shutoff valves
To freeze unstable ground    
To germinate food    
To blast clean fire-damaged buildings